Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unix Utils For Windows

Years ago I had stumbled on this rather cool project UnixUtils at
The project is a complete native port of most of the common unix utils for windows.

Choose these Utils A La Carte style at Quant Principle's Unix Utils Page.

While I am aware of the fact that most hard core unix gurus will just install cygwin or possibly get the z-shell to work on a windows environment, Some people would just like to copy one or two (or 12) of their favorite unix utils to a windows box. In personally find that if you have wc (word count), tail, less, ls, grep, egrep, cat, bunzip2, bzip2, chmod, cksum, diff, gawk, gunzip, gzip, make, patch, sed, touch, ufind (I renamed find to ufind so it would not conflict with the dos version of find), unrar, zip and unzip; with these executables you will be able to function very nicely on a windows box.

When I pull these files onto my box, I place them in c:\usr\local\bin. However if I am on a foreign system that does not have unix utils installed, I will just grab the one or two I need from the Quant Principles Unix Utils List, and place them in the [windows]\system32 directory. That directory is Alwasy in the path. it is usually located at c:\windows\system32

You can get the official source and binary from unixutils on, or you can download the bianaries individualy at Quant Principles Unix Utils List.

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