Thursday, February 04, 2010

A solution to the VirtualBox Under Linux Running a Windows Server 2003 Hangs

VirtualBox is Free, runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other OSes.  Virtual box is lightweight and has some other nice features.  

Using Sun's virtual box (Sun is no more, Sun got engulfed by Oracle) on Linux to run a Windows 2003 Server, I was not able to get the Server to start up.  The Server Windows 2003 VM would just hang when I pressed the run button.  So after searching a bit, I stumbled on the solution.  I am posting it back to this blog just to make it a bit easier to find the solution for others.

The solution to this hang issue is to make sure that you check the "Enable IO APIC" box.  To find this box, go to:
Settings -> Select "System" in the left -> "Motherboard" tab
See the attached image:

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